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IST is excited to announce that Genesys has announced a new interim licensing programs to help customers through this global pandemic.

You’re probably monitoring news around the Coronavirus outbreak, and it has probably affected your plans or life in some way.

Our customers are no different, and their contact centers, in particular, are susceptible to changing conditions:

  • Working from home — Wanting to reduce risk from infection, many employers want to enable working from home as an option.
  • Spike in demand — Depending on the nature of the contact center, it can receive a suddenly high demand that wasn’t scheduled or budgeted for.
  • Customers need to know that we’ve got their backs during this time of unexpected change, so here’s what you need to know to enable them


Enable working from home

Genesys will be issuing 90-day temporary license files. Please contact us and we will work together with Genesys licensing team to obtain you the necessary licenses files

Add more licenses for increased agent count

Genesys will be handling through 90-day seasonal subscription licenses. The Account Executive should raise a DSR to the Deal Desk, and a member of the team will guide you through quoting the seasonal license approach and the Special Offer Terms required


Customers should consume (burst) as needed and we will help you with Genesys to provide relief on the overage premiums for the months of March and April. 

This will be executed via a credit memo post-facto, i.e., customers will pay the invoice as normal, and we credit the premiums after the fact. 

Work with the Customer Success Manager/Partner Success Manager on the account to apply for the credit memo.

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