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IST & Genesys commissioned IDC to carry out research regarding cloud adoption and cloud trends in the Middle East. We learnt about who is involved in making decisions on the procurement of cloud-based customer engagement solutions and the top criteria for choosing a cloud-based contact center solution. Based on results from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt almost half the survey respondents said that decision-making power lies in the hands of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or the Head of IT, when it comes to selecting and procuring cloud-based contact centers. Moreover, the top criterion considered when selecting a cloud-based contact center in the Middle East was: ‘Regional Expertise’.
Have a look at the infograph below to learn about the who, what and how for selecting cloud-based contact centers in the Middle East or Download the full study.

Cloud Contact Center

Knowing about who and how these decisions are made can help you understand how the Middle East is accommodating the new cloud frenzy, when it comes to selecting cloud-based customer engagement solutions careful consideration needs to be made.
Below are a few questions you should be asking yourself when selecting your cloud contact center:
What interaction channels does the solution support?
Does the solution vendor provide an uptime service level agreement? How comprehensive is the vendor’s training program, do they provide support? Does the cloud solution adhere to security and compliance regulations and policies in the Middle East?

Source: IST Blogs

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