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We are officially in 2018, organizations’ Customer Care solutions must adapt to the needs of our Next-Gen customer. At IST we firmly believe that one of the most important aspects for the Next-Gen Customer, is ensuring a seamless, connected, cross-channel experience. With that in mind, When I came across this simple Infographic by Cisco, 5 considerations for your Customer CareStrategy, it got me excited, as I could see the philosophies are echoed in the infographic.
Even though these 5 steps sound simple, you would be surprised how many organisations till today do not apply these, due to shortcomings from the underlying technology. Thefirst consideration, which is engaging with customers on their own terms, to be able to provide that to your customers, your organization must have a technology that supports omni-channel, but not just omni-channel, a connected one. Which brings us to the second consideration ensuring a seamless cross-channel experience. Which means if customer is chatting via the web with an agent and wishes to call the contact center, they should be able to continue the same conversation, without having to repeat the conversation they had on the web. The webchat information should be readily available to contact center agent. In order to ensure you can deliver that to your customers, you must ensure the underlying technology powering your Customer Care has an integrated approach to the different channels. That you do no have any silos in your communications channels. Considerations three and four are quite straightforward be cloud ready, and have better data. But what truly sets Cisco Customer Careapart is when it comes to the fifth consideration, simplify management, as at IST we are firm believers in Happy Management = Happy Agents = Happy Customers.

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