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Over the past decade, customer habits have changed tremendously. where Digital media usage has strongly increased, Facebook, Whats app, Instagram, web chat and much more. This trend has resulted in an increase in incoming traffic on organizations’ digital channels both in terms of volume and frequency of incoming customer interactions. Attending to these large and frequent volumes of customer interactions can cause organizations mayhem. This is the reason why organizations should start focusing on how to accommodate these trends, not just by re-forecasting the number of agents within the contact center; but to start by investing in and deploying smarter customer engagement technologies. Cisco, has introduced the next big shift in technology, which is integrating the contact centers with Artificial Intelligence (AI): ChatBots.
The infographic below, will take you through solid statistics and useful information on consumer behavior in 2018. Secondly, what consumers are expecting from organizations and how organizations can leverage these trends to keep customers happy. Lastly, how AI Chatbots could provide businesses and organizations the ability to handle thousands of customer interactions, while maintaining a seamless customer experience.
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