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If you are like me, where you checked your Linkedin three times a day, in the morning, during lunch break and towards the end of the workday,  you would not have escaped the news that Google launched a new Contact Center AI, that integrates with both Cisco & Genesys Contact Center. You might have even come across this image below in your newsfeed. If you are like me, a number of questions that comes to my mind, What is Google Cloud Contact Center AI? How does it work?

What is Google Contact Center AI?



Google contact center AI, extends the capabilities of your existing contact center, integrating with your platform regardless of being Cisco or Genesys, whilst empowering it with AI, harnessing the power of years of R&D by google. It will help improve both Agent & Customer experience, as with AI in the contact center/customer experience is used across the whole customer journey and not just simple services such as automation servies

How does Google Contact Center AI Work?


  • It listens:  The Services listens in real-time to the conversation, and could suggest in real-time documents, links or articles to both the agent and/or customer. remember a conversation nowadays is not only voice but rather voice and data. The Google CC AI has the capability of listening to both in real-time
  • It assists: Provides the agent with the best information to handle the particular case in a single dialogue box. This ensures that the end customer’s experience is always consistent.
  • It learns:  its built-in on machine-learning, meaning the service is constantly learning and evolving based on your customer data.


Agent Assist – Smarter Agents

Agent Assist uses AI to empower agents with information about the incoming customer interactions.  It presents the agent with machine-learning insights, it would analyze the customer interaction in real-time and make suggestions on how to upsell, cross-sell or better serve the customer and answer their queries.



Virtual Agents – intuitive agents


Virtual agents are not a new concept, it transforms the way your customer traverses the IVR, by flattening layers and layers of IVR Tree into open-ended questions. The results are felt from the second your customer calls in, as they would be immediately asked what they need rather than be presented with an endless number of options that is not relevant for them. The new thing here is that virtual agent is offered from Google AI, which offers a higher degree of reliability. and if you are one of our readers from the Middle East, well don’t worry about the support for the Arabic language, as with IST can integrate NūN Arabic Speech solutions with google Virtual Agents.  

More Insights

I’m a firm believer that we as CX people live in a time where we are sitting on a gold mine. Quite literally. All the data that we have about the customers, can be analyzed and empower us with more actionable insights. Whether these insights can be used in real-time to take smarter routing decision or could be used in reporting to see trends that were not visible to the human AI. I personally believe that AI is making the greatest stride and most effective in this area when it comes to the Contact Center and CX AI-powered applications.



If you would like to find out How IST can help you integrate Google Contact Center AI with your existing contact center, please contact us: 

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