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Instagram is on the rise, we’ve heard it, we know it, but what are we doing about it?
Lets talk numbers, Instagram has been increasing by 43% in UAE, 8% Saudi, 425% in Egypt, and 24% in Qatar.


Where as Facebook by comparison, while still a dominant platform the usage of it in the past two years has been declining. Just look at the numbers, Saudi has fell by 21%, UAE 7.6%, Qatar by 13.5% while the only country to have an Increase was Egypt by 20%.


If you look at the numbers within the age group of the 18-24, you new customers you will even notice higher percentages of increase in Instagram and sharper decrease in Facebook usage.
Its time to connect with your customers on the channels they use.
This is why IST has developed an Instagram – Genesys connectornamely: InstGenesys. The objective of this connector is for you as an organization to serve your customers on the channels of their preference. Instagram like any social media channel allows users to post, comment on posts, use hashtags, etc. InstGenesys routes all those users interactions to agents, the same way Genesys routes any interaction, whether its voice, email, social media or any other channel, into the familiar Agent Workspace, along with the main image post, the comments or replies associated with that post.


Using this same agent workspace, means the agent themselves do not have to switch between two desktops, it means that no new training is required for your agents. Moreover instGenesys works within the universal queue of Genesys PureEngage, which means you can apply same advanced routing features of genesys such as priority routing, or capacity rules across multi-channels.
Based on the numbers and the rise of Instagram as a popular social channel, we at IST believe that you should start integrating Instagram into your CX strategy now.
For more info on InstGenesys and contact information click here

Source: IST Blogs

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