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I keep repeating this across my blog posts, but one of my favorite things about Cloud Contact Centres is it’s an on-going cycle of new features being added to it. PureCloud being the leading of the cloud contact center, as per, well everyone including Gartner, Forrester, and even the users themselves on G2 Crowd is no exception to that, Backed by a huge R&D budget from Genesys, along with a strategic vision to make PureCloud the number 1 cloud customer engagement platform, Genesys has added 1000s of new features to PureCloud since it’s inception.

Today, we will talk about a new feature just released 1 week ago, called  IVR Flow Destinations View, enabling contact center managers to see how voice interactions enter, exits and disconnect from the IVR.  This helps managers understand the behavior of customers through the IVR and helps them optimize their IVR accordingly.  I need to highlight one thing here, that is simple about this report but MUCH NEEDED. This comes out of my 15 years of experience of working with Contact Center technologies, I could possibly say one of the most requested reports by managers, “Who hung up the call” and in this report, you can view this, part of the disconnect reason. Finally a report, that gives the contact center managers, exactly what they need.

A sample of the report is shown in the GIF below



Details of what each reason code are demonstrated below

Exit Reasons

ACDThe call entered a queue.
ACD VoicemailThe call entered into an ACD voicemail.
FlowThe call entered another flow.
GroupThe call went to a group.
NumberThe call went to another number.
Return to AgentThe call returned to an agent after the agent transferred the call to a secure call flow that triggered a return to agent action.
Secure FlowThe call entered a secure flow.
UserThe call went to a user in your organization.
User VoicemailThe call went to a user’s voicemail in your organization.

Disconnect Reasons

Customer DisconnectAn external event, such as a customer hanging up, disconnected the call from the flow.
Flow DisconnectThe flow disconnected the call due to the flow design, such as a disconnect action that allows callers to press a number to disconnect from the flow.
System Error DisconnectThe call encountered an error in the flow, and the flow disconnected the call due to its error handling settings.
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