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PureCloud the All-in-One Cloud Contact Center now supports three new direct messaging channels. Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message & Line! This news is even sweeter for Contact Center / Customer Experience Manager considering there now in 2018 Social Messaging has surpassed Social Networks. Consumers are more likely to communicate directly with brands via direct messaging apps, whether its Facebook, Twitter or other more than ever.



What makes Genesys PureCloud support for the new channels even more exciting, is that it also supports asynchronous messaging meaning your customers can communicate with your organization on their own terms.

As per techopedia
Asynchronous messaging is a communication method wherein the system puts a message in a message queue and does not require an immediate response to continue processing. Examples include a request for information, explanation or data needed but not needed immediately.

There is even more thrilling news about the new communication channels and that it supports sending and receiving messages beyond just text, they support:

  • images,
  • GIFs (my personal favorite)
  • Stickers

The interactions would arrive into the same familiar cloud unified agent desktop of PureCloud that you are used to and know. Images in itself is a powerful tool. Imagine that you received a delivery, the package was torn open, you need to send proof that it is, well you just snap a picture and send it via the messenger to the company. Or another example, you are an auto insurance company, your customers have had an accident, they could right there and then send you pictures, enabling you to provide better more efficient live support.


But not only will agents be able to receive the images, gifs and/or stickers, but the agent themselves can also keep up with the emotional element of conversation by replying with the same. GIFs & Stickers alike add a whole new level of emotions to the customer experience. I understand that there might be some who say you shouldn’t talk an organization the same way you talk to your friends.  I might disagree with this from a personal experience.

Recently there was a marketing software that I wanted to investigate and incorporate in our company. I started chatting with them via their web chat, towards the end of the conversation the agent surprised me by sending a cute smiley sticker. The sticker threw me off guard but left me with a smile. What it also made me do, was complete the post chat survey (which I usually tend to ignore). The reason I filled it out was that I was indeed impressed by the service. If you work in the industry you know its difficult to convince customers to fill out the survey. So that agent managed to convince me to do so with just a simple sticker.


Finally, as it should be with a unified contact center everything must come full circle. Engaging with the customer is important, but having the reports afterward is key, it lets you know how you are performing, where should you improve, what you are doing right. Having a unified standardized report, regardless of which channel you are using is even more important. PureCloud delivers on that, as seen below


If you would like to find out more about PureCloud and how IST can help you please contact us here

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