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Need to secure that buy or improve close rates on shopping carts? Simple. Provide exceptional customer service all day, everyday.
In-store, over-the-phone and online have all become competition grounds for retail businesses, not to mention that online includes: chat, email and social. Customers are continuing to reach out from everywhere and are still demanding to reach out via new channels.
The pressure is intense because on the one hand businesses need to make sure they are offering multiple channels of communication and on the other hand need to ensure that they are serving customers with equal quality across all the channels. Retail stores have very dynamic and complex competition in this day and age, be it competition from online stores or websites or their neighbouring stores and therefore customer service will continue to be the key differentiator.
Retail businesses are advised to gain customer insight across all touch points and constantly stay at the forefront of their shopper journey by delivering exceptional digital engagement across any/all channels. That’s why selecting the right tools to enable what genesys likes to call a great “omnicommerce” customer experience is detrimental for any retail business.
PureCloud is an all in one cloud contact center, that enables your retail business to schedule resources quickly based on customer demand, view all your channels performance in one view and derive insights with easier operational visibility.
How Can PureCloud Help You Better Serve Your Customers:
1. Plan For Seasonality
Accurately predict and manage customer demand. PureCloud provides contact centers with a comprehensive and integrated view of the workforce, offering your organization robust workforce management tools for forecasting and scheduling omni channel routing ensuring that you always have the right people at the right time serving your customers. Contact IST to learn about PureCloud workforce management tools here.
2. Up-sell & Cross-sell Based on Customer Context
With PureCloud’s omni channel desktop that has the ability to tightly integrate with most CRM systems, such as: salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft and more, agents are able to complete sales orders more easily as they are empowered by context. PureCloud allows you to do up-selling in a ‘non-sleazy’ way as the agent gets an opportunity to really tailor product recommendations to the customer’s actual needs based on previous buys or shopping habits.
3. Integrate POS Systems
PureCloud is a solution that takes into consideration businesses different and varied needs that’s why it makes it easy to integrate external systems and solutions, by allowing you to build and customise your own. Want to learn about how IST can help retail businesses integrate their POS systems. Contact us here.
Book a demo to see PureCloud or contact us for more information.
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