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PureCloud is now offering SMS as a new interaction channel. PureCloud is the All-in-one cloud contact center developed by Genesys. Since its initiation PureCloud’s main strengths included, its powerful customer omni-channel engagement tools, its true cloud architecture and its sleek user experience.
PureCloud facilitates easy communication and breaks all communication barriers as customers are able to interact with your organization at any time and place as well as across any device or channel of their preference.
"PureCloud is continuing to remove communication barriers"
PureCloud is continuing to remove barriers to communication and has recently added a new channel to the list: SMS So, lets recap!
Q: What are the available engagement channels on PureCloud?
A: Voice, Web, Email, Social & SMS all integrated seamlessly within the agent desktop.
SMS On PureCloud
PureCloud is offering you an easy admin interface
to configure and add SMS as a channel to your PureCloud contact center in not days or hours but minutes! All you have to do is provide a phone number to be able to receive inbound text interactions and your customer can simply text your organizations instantly. All SMS interactions will be delivered to an agent the

same way any other interaction is routed to an agent. The real beauty behind routing SMS interactions on PureCloud is that while they can be routed based on traditional variables such as specific skill groups, language or the next available agent, configurations can be made to spot specific words within the text that can trigger different routing rules associated with these words.


SMS Interactions on PureCloud’s Agent Desktop
Conversation Continuity
Like all other channels, Agents will be able to view historical customer data
by seeing the context of all previous interactions made with the customer over a period of 72 hours. In this case the agent is not only empowered with context but the benefit for the customer is also grand: any sms interaction made by the same customer within the 72-hour window will be treated as

the same conversation and will therefore be routed to the same agent that handled the previous SMS.

Source: IST Blogs

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