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UIPath doesn’t have a journey to be a leader in the RPA space, but as a matter of fact, it was born as a leader within the field. This can be validated by Gartner, Forester and a number of leading analysists.

RPA is generally a new field, but of which UIPath has been part since its inception, dare I say again, leading it. Leading it not only with the development of the technology but the democratization of the technology, ensuring that its training, documentation, enablements are available to everyone in the public, supporting the developer community.  UIPath started in 2005 but really deep-dived into RPA since 2012.  and fast forward to know… and this what we have.


Gartner defines Robotic Process Automation as

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a digital enablement technology that predominantly leverages a combination of user interface (UI) and surface-level features to create scripts that automate routine, predictable data transcription work.
As seen in the Gartner Magic Quadrant below, UIPath has been recognized as the leader and visionary when it comes to the RPA space. The main reason for UIPath RPA leading – is it’s strong technology partner network of 100+ partners, allowing it to integrate with major systems, such as BPMs, AI, CRMs, Chatbots, and more. This integration makes it seamless to automate tasks. As per Gartner, another reason why UIPath RPA is leading – is the product’s strong performance and strong vision shown in it’s road map. UIPath’s interface provides an intuitive user experience across different RPA personas.
Another reason why Gartner identified UIPath as a leader, is in the RPA community the UIPath created, making it accessible to more than 30,000 active users who have developer over 200 re-usable components



To download the full Gartner report please click here.

To see how IST can help your organization in automation with  UIPath contact us here.


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