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UiPATH RPA 4 Automations for the Healthcare Industry - ISTIt’s an undeniable fact that digital transformation has now become of great assistance in the meantime rather than just a trend. In the current global pandemic, the need for digitisation is crucial to organisations as a result of the physical and digital clutter caused by the rapid growth of technologies. Digitisation through Digital workers UiPath RPA simplifies various health care use cases and enables sustainable survival for your organisation. UiPath RPA assist in ensuring the safety of the medical staff and the public.

Speeding up patient diagnosis​

Manual data entry creates long cycle times inpatient diagnostics​. This healthcare provider uses a mobile survey to complete the initial diagnosis for patients. The information from the survey needs to be entered into 2 core platforms, according to UiPathCareLink and Vivify, by 20+ data entry specialists. The specialists then use the care data to predict potential diagnosis. There is no API integration between the Healthcare platforms.


With help from UiPath, the provider is now looking to automate the process to free up the data entry specialists to work on other related activities, while also significantly reducing the time it takes to predict a potential diagnosis.


  • Quicker patient diagnosis
  • Free up specialists for other tasks
  • Reduce cycle times

Tracking employee health for medical staff

Centralizing data from areas impacted by COVID-19

A global healthcare specialized agency needs to analyze all incoming COVID-19 data. The organization is working around the clock to centralize and process updates about the pandemic from all over the globe. Information is coming in from more than 50 countries and in 5 languages and decisions must be made based on the accuracy of the data and at the right time.


With a filtering system set in place, the robots process information coming from the Middle East, Africa, and some of the GCC areas. UiPath robots are used for data scraping from 5 different systems and centralize the information in one single source.


  • Reduce manual errors
  • Standardization
  • Faster results
  • Real-time updates

Digital Workers (Uipath RPA +  Botter Chatbot) in helping the insurance health care industry!

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