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Conversational Chatbots - IST Networks

Learn more about IST Network’s conversational chatbot technology for firms.


Any element that slows down the customer journey — is bad for business, and removing it can easily make any customer experience better. Conversational Chatbots are an easy way for brands to remove friction from many common experiences, such as filling out forms, Consumers simply don’t like the tedious task of filling out forms, but engaging with a chatbot to do so can increase engagement rates. 

Not only chatbots are your way of enhancing CX. What about Conversational Chatbot that speaks your language?

Giving your conversational chatbot a voice is one of a kind customer experience and that’s how we would like to introduce you to Nūn API Arabic Text-to-Speech ft. Botter Chatbot.

Nūn API Arabic TTS is ideal for speech enablement to any web services and applications to generate human-sounding audio to its users. Botter Chatbot is 13% more accurate than all the chatbots in the region, utilizing our STEMMER that performs a quick-witted Arabic NLP practice that retrieves more forms of Arabic suffixes & prefixes, decreasing your time-to-market by 75%.

Here are some Benefits

Enhanced customer experience provides personalized services, accelerates throughput, and reduces operational costs

Effective branding across touchpoints  A single TTS voice across multiple contact points supports consistent, emotional branding.

Optimized development and maintenance  Nūn TTS supports the most widespread platforms, is available both in the cloud and on-premises, and is scalable according to actual business needs and saves development and maintenance efforts.

Saved time and money With Nūn TTS dynamic engine you can deliver your audio message efficiently through your Chatbot with no human errors and save yourself all the cost you pay on hiring a voice actor.

On-Prem | Hybrid & Cloud Deployment Models BOTTER comes fully with different deployment model to meet your enterprise requirements, BOTTER provides one of the best Arabic On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud ChatBot and NLP Engines That meet your security standard model 

Seamless Integrations Botter integrates with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Genesys, Cisco, Whatsapp channels, and many more – Nun TTS API seamlessly integrates with REST and SAPI and many other protocols.

 Personalized Experience Address your customer needs and target them with relevant content and measure the user experience.

Word-of-mouth marketing Adding an alternative way to consume content online enhances the user experience. Visitors are far more likely to return to and recommend organizations where they have had positive experiences with. And even in our age of social media marketing, word of mouth is still the most important platform.

Dialect Localization As Nūn Text-to-Speech excels in Arabic language, reading out in different dialects of Arabic that suits your served market and will give your brand a strong edge among all your competitors.


Conversational Chatbot

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