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As a marketeer, it is my duty to promote our solution portfolio.  One of our main solutions is Genesys Cloud – formerly known as PureCloud.  It’s natural to assume that I’m biased to Genesys Cloud, however reader, one thing you should know is that before we (IST) as a vendor chose GenesysCloud, we had to go through the tough selection process similar to what your company would go through when selecting a contact centre vendor. After all, at IST we pride ourselves in only providing our customers with the best-of-breed customer experience solutions.

Before I dive into why ‘now is the time’ for GenesysCloud (Genesys are literally giving TWO months for free, no strings attached, to help with the current world crisis). I want to maybe just touch on why IST selected Genesys as our ‘go-to’ Cloud offering for our customers, long before C-19. 

Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud, a high-velocity innovation platform, optimizes customer and employee journeys leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

Our relationship with Genesys commenced 6 years ago.  Why did we choose them? And why GenesysCloud? The answer was not simple but very complex and included multiple factors as it would with any organisation about to invest such time and money into a project.  We knew we had one chance to get it right as the trusted partner for hundreds of our customers.

First was the technology, Genesys Cloud is built and designed in the Cloud, making it a true cloud contact centre. Genesys Cloud is built on a micro-services architecture, which enables our customers to scale up or down easily, but more importantly make it quicker to consume innovation. 

Secondly was how feature-rich GenesysCloud is, it is more than just a cloud contact centre, it has quality monitoring, voice recording, workforce management, dashboards. It is omnichannel, you can empower your customers to reach you via any channel, whether that be email, web, messaging, whatsapp, or other. More importantly is that both the agent and customer experience are kept uniform across all these channels, while empowering the agent with contextual data.  

Thirdly, Genesys the company. When a vendor partners with a company, we have the same concerns that any organisation has. We’ve seen what happened with Avaya. Or other vendors when they do not invest in R&D or have a lack of vision. IST has been around for almost 20 years, when we select a company we want to work with, it’s a huge investment.  We want to make sure that this company is not only alive in 10+ years from now, but continuing to lead with innovation, willingly wanting to invest in R&D so that we can always empower our customers with the latest tech for them to remain competitive. With Genesys, they have a well-thought-through strategy. As Tony Bates Genesys highlighted in a December 2019  interview.

  “Our five-year plan is to deliver more AI, cloud technology and seamless orchestration, and make it easier for our customers to move to the cloud … We leverage AI and machine learning to accurately predict the type of engagement that works best for each customer, driving higher quality engagements and customer experiences. Our job is not just to give our 11,000 customers serving billions of consumers (telcos, banks and large tech and retailers) mission critical services but also the agility and innovation that they need and transition them, as they undertake digital transformation.”

 And this is backed up and can be seen in the vast amount of innovation that is released every month on GenesysCloud, last year there were over 190 new features released. I think one of the most notable is real-time predictive analytics that allows you to have a higher chance of converting a lead on your website.  

Our GenesysCloud customers are happy and were fortunately well prepared to weather the COVID-19 contact centre technology-related issues.

Now I’d like to address the ‘Why Now’ as mentioned earlier.  When the world starts to put the pieces back together and life starts to return to whatever ‘normal’ may look like, why do we predict that GenesysCloud will come out on top. 

Allow me to give you my Top Reasons. 

  1. Now more than ever, contact centres need Agile Technology, that requires a low footprint technological infrastructure to deploy remote working. GenesysCloud does exactly that. All you need is a regular internet connection and web browser, and your agents are simply connected to the contact centre. 
  2. Management. Technology is one thing, but at the end of the day, you need the right tools to manage your agents remotely. With agents now remote working, their habits are going to change, these agents could possibly have flatmates, families or other people in the house.  How can you manage the shifts of all the WFH agents? With its embedded Workforce Management solution, this would allow your supervisor to effectively manage the remote workforce. 
  3. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of everyone who is using it. Read the G2 Crowd reviews or the Gartner Peer Reviews. Personally, I am a huge fan of both G2 Crowd and Gartner Peer reviews, as they true users reviews who actually use the system rather than the industry analysts.  It is the users that use every function, who are like you, go through different use cases to stress test it. Analyst reviews are still important and still have their place, Genesys has been named the Leader in Gartner, Forrester and others, for so many years in a row, that I have lost count – maybe 10+ years and counting if not more.
  4. Now, with the C-19 pandemic and business continuity adapting to the “new normal”, innovation is key. We need to think of new ways to do business. Digital transformation is now a top priority for many organisations. GenesysCloud is more than your average contact centre. One of my favourite things about GenesysCloud, which I mentioned earlier, is its Predictive Engagement.  Allowing your organisation to;

“augment your customer relationships through predictive analytics and learn how to drive more intelligent customer engagement automatically. Genesys Altocloud combines artificial intelligence with data from multiple sources to predict the likelihood that a customer will achieve a specific milestone within their journey. Whether that milestone is ordering a product, requesting an insurance quote or booking a flight on a website, real-time visualisation of digital behaviour gives you the context behind the entire step. Identify customer pain points quickly to convert any engagement into a positive experience and increase lifetime customer value.”

I did start the article by saying that Genesys is offering 2 month free licenses, with no strings attached. Yes, that should be a motivation in itself, but I suspect you are concerned that your organisation would spend time on deploying it and would take resources on your end? I won’t make the bold statement that ‘this is the last contact centre technology that you will need’, because that is very ‘markety’. But what I would say is read the user reviews, look at the technology R&D investments, look at simplicity, and you will be convinced as we are that this will be.

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