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WFM solution

Tuning a workforce management solution is not as complex as flying an airplane, never the less with a little help from a WFM expert, you could get those desired results.
What do our WFM superheroes do?
At IST we have dedicated WFM experts. When offering consultation and tuning to your existing system, the first thing they do is make sure they understand your organization’s vision, before addressing issues and pain points. Whether the company knows its pain points and is looking for a quick fix, needs consultancy or needs to work on enhancing the customer experience through customizing their current system, our WFM experts can assist them from A-Z. Moreover, it does not end at providing a solution but also implementing and following up on systems post implementation.
Initiation & Research
In this phase, the expert gets to understand the organizations vision in order to align what they will offer with the strategy needed to be followed by the organization. The experts start doing so, by collecting all the historical data needed and goes through all the pain points, then based on the elements found, priorities are set in order to be able to take the decision whether to do an enhancement, change or retain.
A best practice implementation is applied based on the determined schedule. In this stage of the process the expert investigates such as the following:
How often do you generate the schedule?What is the attrition percentage currently?Do you have a specific pattern for each queue?What do you do in special events, downtime or else?What is the current forecast accuracy for each queue?What are the scorecard items used to evaluate agents?What is the equation used for the average handling time?What are the process if the agents want to apply for vacation?How do you calculate the headcount required for each queue?Do you have a consistent service level achievement through the day?Are the supervisors’/team leaders following the same agents’ schedules?How do you build your forecast (for how long the historical data considered)?Do you plan the meetings and off queue activities or they are all on spot events?
Implementation, Training & Knowledge Transfer
After the investigation is over, voila a new WFM system is available at your service.
It goes beyond the transformation and new system, but also training sessions are provided to the relevant management team, tools, methodology, findings, recommendations, and documents.
The expert visits the organization post implementation to reassess all the actions made and whether the action plan was followed up correctly based on the analysis matrix provided previously. In this stage the expert will make sure there are no discrepancies between the given plan and the actual implementation, then provide future recommendations.
IST Networks work with Verint & Teleopti workforce optimization solutions, IST has implemented numerous projects within the Middle East and understands the specific needs of the Middle Eastern workforce and has the consultants to optimise your staffing cycle and to enhance agent efficiency

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