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Previously industry experts usually view social media to be only limited to social listening and monitoring to gather important data and trends on how consumers are behaving online. 

However in 2019 if we see how rapidly the industry is shifting towards providing a seamless customers experience, we will see how important it is to treat social media as an important channel to be added to the contact center channels

According to ICMI research shows that “67% of contact center leaders believe that social customer service is important, but only 41% of contact centers currently provide customer support over social media”.

Customers nowadays expect to be engaged and interacted in the same level of customer experience that they on various social media the way they would on any other contact center channel.

In this article, we will see how the Social Data Router (SDR) is built for your contact center to optimizes your customer and agent experience, with a focus on Youtube as an important social media channel. 

Why Integrating Youtube To Your Contact Center Through Social Data Router (SDR)  Matters? 

While SDR was coming to maturity we stated one of our value propositions is that SDR supports all social media channels of today and tomorrow. That being said let’s shed light on youtube as an important social media channel.

Let us start by numbers and facts, the number of channels on YouTube uploading from the MENA region increased by 160% in the past three years, according to YouTube. 

YouTube allows organizations to appeal to a consumer’s auditory and visual senses, humanizing the whole experience for your customers.

So Interacting with comments left by viewers and answering there questions and complaints with consistency open various opportunities on its own.

Enhancing Your Customer Experience and Youtube Outreach 

SDR enables a true omnichannel contact center seamless customer experience across all channels. Empowering the contact center with a full 360 view of the customer’s interactions enabling all the social media data interactions to be siloed into one unified agent desktop without extra training or extra costs of multiple tools.

SDR also provides your agents access to your customer’s complete interactions history over social media, allowing them to decide which is the best communication channel for your customers resulting in fewer frustrated customers this means that the customer complaining about a youtube video can be replied on the same channel and contacted on any of the channels seamlessly building loyalty and humanizing the brand


When youtube channel is integrated properly to the contact center, your platform will be able to track interactions on all channels expanding both your customers and prospects outreach, acquiring new customers through your youtube campaigns and retaining at-risk clients and enhance there loyalty 


Optimized Agent Experience and Efficiency by Integrating Youtube Through SDR 

SDR enabled contact center will unlock all the channels for your agents to handle more concurrent requests with high morale impacting the whole contact center performance and cost efficiency. 

Consistency of Contact Center Reporting and Metrics

SDR enables social media interactions to be siloed to one unified contact center platform Genesys, cisco or any open environment platform supported, routing the social media data into the contact center will provide your business the ability to compare your agents’ performance and to measure social customer service reporting in a similar way the other omnichannel is measured.



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