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Investopedia defines Customer Centricity as:
“An approach to doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience for the customer. Client centric businesses ensure that the customer is at the center of a business’s philosophy, operations or ideas. Client centric businesses believe that their clients are the only reason that they exist and use every means at their disposal to keep the client happy and satisfied. Client centric is also referred to as customer centric.”
Now, let’s apply this philosophy to a standard practice that takes place nowadays, Online shopping which has been growing rapidly in the Middle East. as a matter of fact, IST has found out in that

Saudi customer 2018 report, there has been a 30% increase in online shopping.

I want to buy new headphones, So I head to the online store, I search for “Headphones” I’m bombarded with 100s of options, I don’t know which one to choose. The online store would have options to sort by price, model, compatibility with, maker, etc. As a customer I’m overwhelmed by all these choices, 60 seconds have passed while I’m browsing on the website, reading different reviews, then my screen pops up with a chat box, asking if I need help. Yes I do. I tell the agent my budget, that I need a bluetooth speaker that works with iPhone X and a battery life of 8+ hours. Agent replies back recommending to me 3 options, I found one I like, finally. I click on order using ONE CLICK button. Next day the headphones arrives to my home, while I was out. The delivery guy left the headphones at a designated safe spot.
In this scenario I interacted with multiple parts of the organization and each one of them had the mission to make me (the customer) happy. My first touch point, was the the website, which made it easy for me to browse and find the headphones and sort according to my criteria. The second interaction, was when the website noticed I might be overwhelmed, they proactively offered assistance via the chat. The third instance was at time of purchase touchpoint, where the purchase department created a One Click button to order rather than have to fill 5 forms, shortening my customer journey. The fourth instance was by the delivery team by allowing me to designate a safe spot for my delivery even though I wasn’t in the house. The organization as a whole is worked together towards delivering an exceptional customer experience to me throughout my whole customer journey.
How to become Customer-Centric with Cisco?
Delivering an exceptional customer experience throughout the full customer journey, is part of Cisco’s ethos in its customer care offering. Cisco & IST believes in a connected customer experience across the whole customer touch-points within the organization and beyond. This is achieved by building a solution that is:
Flexible: Cisco’s teams worked to ensure that your business can deploy the solutions in your environment, to meet your business needs.
Usable: Superior usability means that it’s easier and faster for your contact center agents and supervisors to support customers and do their jobs.
Simple: We focused on making the whole process more straightforward, from designing, ordering, and deploying, to managing your customer care solution.
A Great Experience: Focusing not just on our users, but your customers, we emphasized improving your customers’ journeys to make them seamless across time and channels.
While ensuring the solution delivers the values that enriches a customer centric approach:
Contextual journey Provides a personalized and effortless customer interaction, putting your customers first.
Continuous organization Allows the customers to connect with the right source, using any channel at any time and place.
Capability-rich A solution that provides a more flexible, scalable and secure day-to-day operations of your contact center.
Become Customer-Centric with Cisco & IST,  Contact us

Source: IST Blogs

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