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Cisco's Precision Routing
Handling customer calls efficiently is crucial to your organization’s image. All companies work hard to adjust their agents, according to their business needs; in order to increase their customer’s satisfaction and grow their loyal list. This is all done by not only having a contact center and agents answering calls, but a center that works smartly and efficiently. This also helps your organization to talk the same language of your consumers and solving their requests in no time.
What is Precision Queuing?
Precision Queue is one of Cisco UCCE’s most innovative routing mechanism. Most Call center ACDs route calls based on conventional terms such as longest available agent with in a specific skill group.
Cisco on the other hand, has developed a clever, yet innovative call routing technique that digs deep into the skills, before routing it to an agent, where it looks at the skills as a matrix of proficiency. Precision routing offers a multidimensional alternative to skill group routing: using Unified CCE scripting, you can dynamically map the precision queues to direct a call to the agent who best matches the caller’s precise needs.
This is done by going through a measurable matrix (1 – most proficient within a certain skill& 10 – least proficient), to see how experienced the agent is with a specific skillset. The call router checks agent’s skills through multiple attributes with proficiencies so that the capabilities of each agent are accurately exposed.
So for example Agent Tamara, could have 80% proficiency in French where as 20% in English. On the other Agent Ahmed might have 70% in french 60% in English. Even though both of them have English and French skillset, they are not equal, and when it comes to routing the call, if the language selected is english the call would go to Ahmed First, even if Tamara was the longest available agent, and that is because Ahmed is more proficient in that language.

Cisco's Precision Routing

Precision Queue versus Skill Groups
Use a Skill Group
Skill groups represent different competencies, that help define a collection of attributes; such as: a customer service team of a 5 Star Hotel. The hotel’s team could have agents that are divided into expertise, where some can handle English VIP 1 vs Arabic VIP 2. These different talents or skills, need to be set into two different groups – English VIP 1 & Arabic VIP 2. Each agent will then be associated with one of these skills and added to the group list according to his/her years or area of expertise, in order to efficiently start handling calls and customer’s requests.
Use a Precision Queue
In comparison to skill groups, a precision queue works by forming a list of agents with their own set of skills (Skill name & level). The queue then works by matching the (Skill name & level), to an agent with the required criteria, where the agent receives the call and starts handling the Hotel’s customers.
The precision queue, is a clever tool that maps all the agents that have the similar traits of the required skills, where it selects the best agent and routes the customer’s call. In addition, you could also create a more efficient task routing by building more complex attributes, affiliated with the agents. In each precision queue, there are multiple proficiency searches like English or Arabic proficiency; where the agent is chosen according to their scale (1 to 10); for example: Ahmed has an Arabic language proficiency of 10 and Tamara has 5.
For any type of organization, its better to divide the precision queue into skill groups, according to how many skills that you have or need in your team. Refine the proficiency of each agent, for every skill in order to assign the call to the most reliable agent.
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