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When designing your organization’s customer experience its important to that you apply a “Customer Centric” approach. Meaning, design your customer experience around your customer journey rather than just their touchpoints. By taking a more customer centric approach, naturally, all siloed channels will break down.
One of the biggest challenges facing organizations right now, is having siloed channels. Having siloed channels causes time-delay and customer dissatisfaction. When interaction channels are not integrated it makes it very frustrating for customers to deal with the organization. For example, a customer initially reaches out to an organization via a social interaction channel and then later reconnects with the organization via web-chat, in a siloed environment, the customer would have to repeat all the information mentioned on the initial social interaction all over again to the agent on web-chat.
The solution sounds simple, CONNECT YOUR CUSTOMER JOURNEYs. The Infographic below by Cisco shows how to do this and why.
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Connect Customer Journeys

Source: IST Blogs

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