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Social Data Router

With about 80% of all internet users being active on at least one social media platform, it is the key to being in touch with your customers. If you’re a business but not on social media already, then you need to be. If you already have social media presence, it’s important that you are active and responsive. Social media is a critical customer service tool, aside from posting photos or status updates, using social media for customer service can elevate your business to the next level. But you have to do it well; if your social media presence is not carefully managed, it can damage your brand and drive potential paying customers far away. And the key to having a super customer service across all your channels is one word Social Data Router (SDR).

Most of the business owners get confused between Social Data Routers and Social Media Connectors. But in this blog, we will help you spot the differences.

Common Social media connectors mainly focus on one customer enquiry at a time or limited number of enquiries a day or only limited to monitoring traffic on social media platforms and not about enhancing customer experience. While not responding at all can clearly have a negative impact on your brand, you also have to respond within a reasonable amount of time. According to recent data from Convince & Convert, 42% of consumers expect a response to a complaint on social media within 60 minutes. The same research says nearly a third expect that response within half an hour.


Reasons why IST SDR is your savior?

Social Data Router is a limitless software engine. It’s a single routing engine for social media  that will empower your customer service and enhance your CX.

IST’s Social Data Router (SDR) will route all your social engagements from Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn directly to your Contact Center agents, who are trained to respond to each particular feed. Adding to that , SDR is constantly updated to support the latest Social Media trends and platforms of today and tomorrow.

SDR supports Genesys Contact Center platforms, which means your agents are using the same desktop as before, hence lowering training costs to almost zero. The SDR connector is ‘plug and play’, meaning you can turn it on or off depending on your organizational marketing objectives.

Integrated Reporting  covering all interactions reports (Summary interactions report ,Detailed Interactions report , Agent Activities report)

 OmniChannel Integration with Genesys to show historic customer interactions to provide an omnichannel experience.

 Multi- Account gives you the ability to manage multiple social media accounts your organization has.

Agent Routing and Desktop Integrations which includes routing images, comments, replies to agents to take action and gives you the ability to see the interactions within the Genesys Workspace providing a unified agent desktop view.

Generating Buzz customers with positive social contact center experiences are more likely to recommend the brand, word of mouth remains one of the best advertising methods available.


Social Data Router

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