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In the Customer Experience Technology industry we are constantly bombarded by news how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will reshape the industry. At times one think, this is a nice, but is it usable? is it practical? would it work with our systems, processes and environment? However, when I saw how Genesys put AI to practical use last March in Genesys Gold Summit, I was blown away. (Genesys Gold Summit is a partner summit dedicated to the Genesys Global Gold Partners, which IST is part of). I thought now this is something practical, that our customers would like.
Before I get into Genesys latest use of AI namely Predictive Routing, lets take a step back and look at how is the analytical industry is segmented.


Typically you have 4 types of Data Analytics, Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. As go through the different types of analytics from Descriptive to Prescriptive the complexity of the data gets higher along with the value it offers us. Which in turn requires more complex AI models to match.
Genesys newest feature, if we can call it that, plays in the sphere of Predictive analytics, making use of AI to best match customers waiting in queue to the right agent that will have a positive effect on determined KPIs, that matters for your organisation such as NPS amongst in others.
Predictive routing uses AI to builds models that would predict the priority of a customer and how this customer would affect your desired metrics, routing the customer to the agent best suited to handle this interaction to deliver a positive result on your desired metric, for example NPS.
The models are built from customer profiles and agent profiles. Aggregated customer profiles are based on factors such as preferred communication channels, previous interactions, customers influence sphere on digital channels, amongst other factors. The Genesys Predictive Routing uses this data, along with accumulated agent data, interaction and allowing you to analyze the omnichannel interaction and their outcome and generate models to predict the outcome.In addition to the system generates reports of the actual versus the outcome, where it is used to train the system further trough machine learning to increase the accuracy of the outcome.
So lets say you have 2 customers in queue and 3 agents waiting. The Genesys Predictive Routing would build a model and predict to see if Customer 1 was routed to Agent 1 ,2 and 3 how would that affect your NPS and which agent would be best to handle the customer in queue would have a positive effect on your NPS or other metrics that you deem as important.
So here, we see that Genesys has put Artificial Intelligence to a practical use, and its easy to deploy within your existing systems, it has a tangible effects on your contact center operations and metrics. You don’t have to change the process of your business but in essence it adapts to your processes and enhances it. At the end of the day, the customer is also left happy, since they are matched with the right person.
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