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Majority of the organizations when they started to embark on their digital transformation, they began with the customer-facing touch points. Think of the mobile applications, web-chat, email engagement, social engagement, etc. One of the reasons why companies started with the customer-facing touch point was possibly due to the reality of the customer demanded that transformation immediately. Needless to say this is not the only reason, there are hundreds of others reasons, such as legacy systems, not enough staff to upgrade, etc.
However more than ever, now is the time ensure that you extend your organizations digital transformation effort to the back-office. The infographic below, summarizes the top reasons to extend the transformation, it is based on this whitepaper written by Ovum for Verint.

Digital Transformation

We at IST do highly recommend that you read the fully whitepaper by Ovum for Verint
Learn how IST the "Verint 2017 Rising Star Partner of the Year" could help your organization with digitization of the back-office, tying up and integrating front-office process with the back offices ones and/or simply enhance your employee engagement by contact us here

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