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Cisco Middle East Partner of the Year
IST has been recognized by Cisco as a leading partner delivering exceptional customer experience solutions by being awarded Cisco Middle East Partner of the year, 2018.
This recognition is for IST’s outstanding achievements for delivering successful turn-key Cisco Contact Center projects, and successfully attracting 20+ new clients within 2017. Some of these new clients include but not limited to Abdul Latif Jameel, Saudi Railways, Toshiba El Araby, Royal Commission Yanbu, Al Mouwasat Hospitals, Salam Air, Mazoun Electrcity, Al Tayer Group (UAE), Abu Dhabi Airport, Kuwait Civil Service Commission in addition to the existing 100+ IST & Cisco clients such as STC, Al Rajhi Bank, Amex Saudi Arabia, Virgin Mobile, and Viva Bahrain.
Implementing world class Customer Experience (CX) technology is not the only objective for IST, their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience involves delivering real value to the customer by having a positive impact on their KPI’s, such as, NPS, C-SAT whilst simultaneously reducing their operational costs.
"2017 has been another tremendous year for IST Networks and being recognized for such an award by our strategic partner, Cisco, only drives IST to continue to provide the technology and expertise for all our clients to achieve and exceed their customer experience requirements," Mohamed Fahmy, CEO, IST.
"For over 15 years, IST Networks has been at the core of our Cisco Customer Experience (CX)/Contact Center (CC) business success in the Middle East & Africa. 2017 was another great year. This should not come as surprise; their CX SI (system integration) well defined Strategy (World-Class CX Workforce/Skillsets, Modern CX Business Practices and CX Technology Innovations), combined with Strong Execution, is paying off. We value our partnership with IST Networks, and look forward to a successful 2018," Ahmed Zaghmouri, Sales Manager – Customer Experience Solutions Middle East & Africa, Cisco.
Cisco Customer Care solutions empower businesses to deliver a Connected Digital Experience, enabling organizations to deliver contextual, continuous and capability-rich journeys for their customers, across the entire timeline and channels.
A contextual journey puts your customers first. One size does not fit all. Each customer interaction is personalized and effortless; placing your customers in charge of how and when they connect with your organization.
Being continuous allows the organization to be relevant and connectable throughout the customer lifecycle. Customers engage with the right organizational resource using their channel of choice at the time of their choosing, whilst a personalized self-help option is constantly available to them. IST supports today’s and tomorrow’s interaction models including video, text, SMS and Internet of Things (IoT), which will be a key differentiator for your business.
Capability-rich solutions are what gives an organization their competitive edge. Flexibility, scalability and security are critical to the day-to-day operations of an organization’s contact center.
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About IST Networks
IST Networks has been a Cisco Advanced Technology Partner (ATP) for Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) for over 15 years, making it the most experienced Cisco UCCE ATP, within the Middle East.
IST is an award-winning Customer Experience Systems Integrator dedicated to delivering powerful and innovative Customer Experience solutions within the Middle East and Turkey. Since its establishment in 2002, IST has been on the forefront of the CX revolution, growing rapidly and earning a reputation for superior service quality, innovation and prompt project delivery. IST’s Expertise lies with integrating technology from industry leaders and is proud to be a Cisco ATP for Contact Center.

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