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Nun Arabic TTS

Sometimes it’s better to listen than to read, when you drive, walk, on a bike, it’s better to keep your eyes on the road. Nun API Arabic human sounding Text-to-Speech is a speech enablement program for any application that allows any written content to be listened to as opposed to a voice actor who has to be scheduled to perform a recording and is often much more expensive than a text to speech solution. Also, Nun API Arabic TTS is compatible with REST and SAPI integrations.  Our specialized team of Arabic linguistics has worked on developing a wide dictionary of complex Arabic words in multiple industries using AI and NLP. Making your content dynamic, easy and accessible.

In this blog, we will see how Nun API Arabic human sounding TTS is beneficial for eLearning and how it improves the learning experience and extends the reach of your content to your students and people with learning disabilities and illiteracy.

Why NŪN ن Arabic TTS is beneficial for eLearning?

The answer is a simple one word. Accessibility. Text to Speech makes education more accessible to students outside of the classroom. It makes the content speak out loud that is more time efficient and improves the learning process especially with students who suffer from visual, learning disability or autism.

Researches have proved that students who are provided with Text To Speech tools are better able to independently understand the information, improve their reading comprehension, spelling error detection and understanding word meanings.

According to 2017 studies, it was proven that 27.1% of adults of MEA population are suffering from illiteracy and many have only basic reading skills. Making your online content audible helps them to better understand the text and easily learn the Arabic language.

The technology of Text to Speech has improved greatly over the past few years and with our high-quality human sounding solution Nun API Arabic TTS can bring life to any text.

If you want your eLearning service to be as engaging, effective and accessible as possible with a high-quality human sound text to speech solution, Request your demo now.


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