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arabic tts

No doubt that our lifestyle today has drastically changed, time is always an essential factor in our daily activity success. Understanding how text to speech (arabic TTS) could help your organisation could take your customer service to the next level.

Imagine your customer Adam as a 50 years old managing director of a company and his day is piled up with meetings and time is incredibly important, spending 10 mins on a phone call to get his mobile line roaming ready for his next business trip or even 15 more mins to do bank  transfers won’t be an ideal customer experience for him or almost all your client personas.

No doubts that automating the call with an AI-powered TTS Engine would definitely lessen the call duration, therefore, the brand will address the valuable time of your customer’s journey resulting in an indistinguishable CX.

English Text to speech has made quiet the strides in the early 2000s and has reached a full maturity now. In comparison to Arabic text to speech, took its time to mature. Until recently, we can finally say there is a fully mature, human-sounding, non-robotic Arabic text to speech solution.  

M.Ghali IST’s Language and Speech Innovation Director shares his thoughts on the importance of  AI technology in developing an advanced Arabic Text-To-Speech Engine

“The Arabic language is one order of magnitude more difficult than most European languages since changing the diacritics (vowels) can alter the meaning of the word and even the whole sentence due to the abundance of prefixes, suffixes, pronouns.

In order to have a quasi-human TTS, IST decided to apply both latest machine learning and rule-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.

IST diacritizer plays a major role in producing the correct disambiguated text and merges both rule-based algorithms with a statistical model to deliver accurate results through Manual voice concatenation segmentation and labeling which is a tedious and time-consuming task thus guarantees optimum quality.

Unlike other vendors, the effort involved in Arabic TTS development by IST was about 60 man-year. The actual team includes 5 Researchers and software engineers along with 7 Arabic computational-linguists.


Let us see how AI has developed an articulate sophisticated Text-To-Speech engine for an ultimate CX experience  

Dynamic data for IVR

IVR Systems becomes more disguisable intelligent with the data it receives and  resulting in a cross communication pattern that helps in anticipating where the customer should be best served

More personified and human-sounding

Tailored packages  to best serve customers needs and will be addressed by their name with multiple dynamic talented voices that improve the overall quality served

Improved Efficiency

As the customers will spend less time interacting with your brand, average handling time will be reduced automatically resulting in a cost-efficient operation and a great customer experience.

Improved Pronunciation

Now through AI and machine learning, TTS became more aware of the complexity of pronunciation of words using auto voice synthesis of pre-recorded audio from the top voice talents in the market with a focused team of data scientists and Arabic linguists that developed a natural-language processing engine generating audio that is human-sounding and non-robotic.

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