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One of our leading Middle East telecom providers implemented Nun Telecom CIVR on their highest prepaid plan as their contact center. We automated over 90% of their self-services and increased their call center sales and operational efficiency. This article will teach you how to achieve CX success in your contact center.

Where is the future of the telecom call centers headed?

Telecom enterprises have undergone a number of changes in recent years, but this time things will be different. I: IDC’s recent study predicts the global volume of 5G smartphone shipments to expand to 69% of international importance by 2025

With the world moving faster, it increases the potential of customers to face the economic challenges in a post-pandemic world.. Expectations are exceptionally high for the phone call experience. According to our recent study, 59% of consumers will hang up within 10 minutes of being placed on hold. 

 The future of telecom companies depends on the ability to respond quickly to a high volume of self-service requests. If you don’t get your customers in touch with a live agent within a short timeframe, you risk losing them.  As a result, telecommunications companies must select the most appropriate technology to help them solve this problem. Conversational IVR (CIVR) represents a viable solution.

When Choosing the right CIVR for your telecom contact center, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How integrative is the solution with your legacy contact center? 
  • How accurate Is The AI? 
  • How human-sounding is The Solution?
  • How flexible is the CIVR in automating self-service and inquiries?  

Watch a video sample of how the Nun Conversational IVR is used in Telecom services to enhance the customer experience, reduce average handle time by 50%, and even improve agent morale.


Use-cases: Balance Inquiry | Usage Inquiry | VAS Automation | Package Inquiry | Roaming

Nun Conversational IVR replaces push-button menus. It  grants the privilege to your customers to navigate through the IVR menu using only voice commands empowered with AI. The AI understands human speech and routes calls accordingly, or even completes tasks without the need for a live agent.

Nūn Telecom Conversational IVR Solution Features

AI-POWERED ARABIC SPEECH GENERATION: Accurately interprets currencies, formats, names, and numbers.

On-premise solution: Install it on-premise to comply with your regulatory requirements and compliance.

Personalizing self-service: Transform your IVR system into a valuable asset for strengthening customer relationships.

Personalized Greetings: Everybody loves hearing their name. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says, “I’m being spoken to on an individual level.”


Enterprise Tailored | Endless Benefits

  • Pre-built integrations made for Cisco and Genesys.
  • Build custom integrations with full-featured API
  • Speed-oriented AI-Speech engine
  • Ultimate possibilities Of Use-cases Tailoring 
  • 24×7 Certified Enterprise-Grade Support


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