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Pure Cloud

Buying your first car or second regardless of the experience its always a process that takes time. Well, people take time to decide on which car model, colour, options they want to buy. Unlike buying a shirt, buying a car is a huge investment.
Adam, is looking to buy a new car, but he can’t really make up his mind on which model to buy. Therefore, Adam decided to call some auto dealerships to ask about 3 or 4 models that peaked his interest. He started asking about horse power, engine model, what other etc options can be added. After 2 weeks or so, Adam has shortened his list between two models. For his second round he created a comparison list between the two. He re-called

one of the auto dealerships to see if the car is still available with the options he wanted, agent answers the phone call by saying, “Hi Adam, I can see that you were looking for the brand and the colours black and white are still available. Do you want me to route your call to one of our experts, to help you with your decision?”. This made Adam feel that he was with a dealership that cared. He didn’t have to repeat the whole process that took two weeks leading up to his decision, which could be quiet frustrating. The call was forwarded to an expert. The agent themselves know the context of the call due to recorded interaction history. The Expert knows Adam’s location via GPS and can recommend to Adam the nearest local dealership.

When it comes to buying cars, its a long process and for car dealerships which are affected by seasonal demand this can add a lot of stress on its contact center resources during the summer seasons
Powerful Agent Experience:
PureCloudThis scenario shows how is integrated with many CRM applications that give the agents historical interactions of the customers calling the dealership. Having these connected systems along with location add context to the call and empowers the agent to deliver a unified, consistent customer experience. Which in turns leaves your prospect customers feeling satisfied. It motivates them to go visit your nearest dealership.
Pay for what you need:

Many customers like Adam, go through the same scenario when they are interested in buying a new car or upgrading. However, the traffic of customers is not the same all year long. Car dealers make their profits, seasonally,

as mentioned in investopedia

The automotive industry has some definite seasonal trends, with peak demand occurring in the spring and fall, and lowest sales in December, January and February.

” With

PureCloud it is easy to adjust your agent licenses and contact center resources to match the fluctuation in demand. Unlike on-premise contact centers, which has fixed licensing model, PureCloud is a cloud contact center with a Pay-as-use model.

Stay Ahead of the competition:
Due to the nature of PureCloud being natively a cloud contact center, it empowers your organization to be able to access new features and upgrades instantly. This is what is called CloudSpeed. So assume nowadays the preferred channel of communication is twitter or chat, but in the future, with the advances in technology new channel will arise. With PureCloud you would have the ability to better compete against your competition, as you would be able to easily extend that new channel into your communication and marketing arsenal. This is in comparison with on-premise, where it might take up-to two years to get these features implemented. This is due to the fact that vendors upgrade their on premise offering to new version once a year, and usually by the time it is implemented on customers site it would take another 3-6 months.
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