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Every year, in December, at IST we make our prediction for the next year in the trends for the CX. This year we thought to do it differently. We’ve asked our technology partners on their predictions on how the shape of customer experience is in 2019. The first prediction comes from our partner Verint, who is known as the customer engagement company. Verint offers a wide variety of our solutions, that not only targets the customer experience but heavily also on the employee experience, with the belief happy agents = happy customers.

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Marije Gould, Vice President of Marketing Manager at Verint EMEA had the below to share. 

call center softwareMy prediction for 2019 (and beyond) is that we will see an expansion of the hybrid workforce, a combination of humans and technology, working seamlessly together will create a better customer and employee experience.  The workforce will be assisted, empowered and engaged. Technolog

y will provide relevant information at the right time, it will take over standardized processes and tasks, and it will guide the employees through the more complex jobs. In the CX world, this means that your employees, when dealing with customers, will have insight into your customers’ wants and needs. They have systems at their fingertips that will guide them through their interactions with your customers. While the “co-bot” takes care of the tasks and standardised processes, your employees can deal with the more demanding, complex and perhaps emotive issues your customers need help with, and they can take the time to surprise and delight them in the process.

For your customers it means convenience. In today’s always-on economy, customers want their questions answered when they want, and where they want. A combination of technology and humans will see customers help themselves anytime through self-service tools, AI or bots will help them with basic questions and issues, but humans will always be there to help them deal with those more complex and personal queries.

The good news is that this is not science fiction. Organisations are already using tools like automated quality monitoring, desktop and process analytics, knowledge management, work allocation managers and more…. Our customers have implemented many technologies across their organisations,  that help employees and customers every day, and improve their experiences and engagement. Now they are looking to take it further with technologies such as robotics and virtual assistants. Together this creates the hybrid workforce. The co-bots are not going to take over our jobs, but they are going to help us,  employees and customers, alike.

At IST, we provide a number of Verint solutions, however, the most two notable call center software would be the Enterprise Feedback Management and the Workload allocator.

The Verint Enterprise feedback management call center software transforms customer feedback into Actionable Intelligence to help enhance customer service & satisfaction. To find out more read here

The Work Manager,

Verint Work Manager provides back-office organizations with a dashboard that brings together the insights they need to cost-effectively balance workloads, increase utilization and capacity, and meet service goals in the cloud.

Work Manager captures and prioritizes work, regardless of sources system, and presents the next best work item to the employee with the right skills and capacity to execute the task.  It also tracks work against service goals, sending managers automated alerts should a work item be at risk of missing its deadline.  Managers can now proactively balance and reassign the work to ensure service goals are met.

To find out more about the Verint solutions contact IST here.

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