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For all Entrepreneurs and business pioneers who create services and products that mainly aim to facilitate individuals life and make life easier, This blog is for you. Here you will find the cherry on top that will empower you business and cut expenses to deliver the best customer service out there.

While working on your business plan, two of the most important factors that any entrepreneur is looking for is Cutting costing and Business Excellency. 

Instead of building a traditional costly Call Center to serve your customers, hire agents, train them and hire a decent voice actor to do all the Marketing and Advertising campaigns that help your business grow.

With Nūn ن Text-to-speech, we will arm you up with the most efficient tool that will give an edge to your business against all your competitors when it comes to Customer Experience Excellency and Proficiency. 

We introduce you to our Nūn ن Text-to-Speech engine, Nūn ن’s Text-to-Speech solves many of the common problems associated with understanding the complexity of the Arabic language. For this reason, Nūn ن is able to pronounce complex Arabic words and names just like a human native Arabic speaker

9 Benefits to Arm up your Start-up:

  1. Designed for IVR: The solution is specifically designed for common IVR phrases. This means that IVR phrases and words can be read out flawlessly.
  2. Language Support: Accurate Arabic & English TTS. Accurate TTS will turn traditional IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. Pronouncing words naturally, will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.
  3. Accurate Arabic TTS: Accurate Arabic TTS will turn IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations. By pronouncing words and names correctly and naturally, Will allow the IVR to sound more human allowing for more meaningful and informative conversations.
  4. Personalization: Everybody loves hearing their own names. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says “I’m being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name. This will allow organizations to communicate with their customers on a human level; by creating a more intimate bond with their customers. ​
  5. Industry Focused: Nūn ن is an industry-focused solution, therefore is able to accurately pronounce specific industry jargon.
  6. Faster Time To Market: Hiring and recording with voice artists requires weeks even, months. However, by immediately synthesizing text into speech, products and/or services can be delivered over the IVR in a shorter time.
  7. Consistent Voice For Your Brand : Maintain a consistent voice for your brand without having to rely on your voice artists’ schedules or go through the hassle of retaining them, Also it will build a strong a unique connection between your company and your customers.
  8. Perfectly Tuned: Adjusting volume, speed and pitch will no longer be your job. Nūn Studio will be responsible for delivering your voice needs with the highest quality of sound.
  9. Real Time Information: Share any updates, news or company information with customers in real time. This opens up a channel where up to the minute information can reach customers instantaneously.


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