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updating IVR prompts with Nun Text-to-Speech
In the new reality of home working, social distancing, and the global lockdown created by the Covid 19 Pandemic, the need to provide initiative solutions to support remote contact center agents becomes of prime importance.  One of the notable solutions in the IST portfolio is the n Text-to-Speech product which allows the business to deliver perfect quality audio files ready for instant use. IST n Text-to-Speech, therefore, assists organizations in updating IVR prompts by synthesizing text into speech, products/services, COVID-19 related news, or company updates in real-time.


IST has designed a package to aid organizations in updating IVR prompts while keeping employees and customers safe. This solution is based on Cloud Rest APIs. Nūn TTS API can speech enable any content and compatible with REST and SAPI integrations.

  •       Plug ‘N play
  •       Pay as you go
  •       7 business Days Cloud Deployment. 


Why Nūn TTS is what you exactly need for your industry?

Nūn Text-to-Speech can be configured to match your industry with key phrases, acronyms, and jargon pre-built into the dictionary – which leads to a better speech experience. Nūn TTS can integrate with voice data in Chatbots and E-learning material voice enablement.  With Nūn Text-to-Speech you can enhance your COVID-19 medical services through outbound voice messages providing your customers with testing date, time and locations, hygiene tips, and precautions. If you are in the food and beverage business, banking, or telecommunications – Nūn TTs will help you stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated with your new working hours, your delivery services, and your communication channels. Watch Video Now.


Why Nūn TTS?

Nūn TTS is designed with a comprehensive NLP engine which allows the pronunciation of words naturally and making the IVR sound human; this leads to more meaningful and informative conversations. Our team of Expert Linguistics has developed the most Accurate Arabic TTS that will turn your IVR dialog into more natural and engaging conversations by pronouncing words and names correctly and naturally. The two unique features of Nun Arabic TTS are Text Normalization and Auto Diacritization;  by assigning phonetic transcriptions to each word, and divides and marks the text into prosodic units, like clauses, phrases, and sentences. Nun Arabic TTS is backed by a powerful AI engine for a real-time live experience where it can read not only static but dynamic data as well.




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