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Verint Quality Management - IST


Rather than evaluating a small proportion of agent calls, Verint Automated Quality Management enables you to review every call while taking the burden away from Supervisors and QA teams.

Verint Automated Quality Management, can automate the whole quality management process. Evaluate calls, identify non-compliance and assign coaching for 100% of voice and text interactions.

Verint Quality Management can help your contact center make the transition to omnichannel customer engagement. With this proven solution, you can efficiently select and evaluate large numbers of interactions across communication channels based on business relevance, employee performance, and customer input. It’s a practical way to gain insight that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve by randomly sampling small numbers of interactions and evaluating them against inwardly focused metrics and processes. With Verint Quality Management, you can evaluate all of the attributes of a customer interaction, including: 

  • voice conversations and 
  • associated screen data, 
  • text-based interactions (such as chat), 
  • and video right from a single screen.

 The solution’s omnichannel interaction player provides personalized access to speaker-separated audio waveforms, speech analytics categories, emotions, keywords, interaction tags, annotations, screen recording, applications used by employees, and employee profile information.

Review the Interactions That Matter Most – a Smart Inbox feature that can automatically deliver the desired type and number of interactions to be evaluated for each employee based on business rules. Evaluators can review interactions from multiple channels in a channel-agnostic and consistent manner. A benefit to help you deliver a true omnichannel experience to customers.

Drive Better Evaluations and Performance With Verint Quality Management, you can design flexible, intelligent evaluation forms quickly and tailor them to specific interaction types. Quality scores can feed key performance indicators (KPIs) in scorecards, which in turn can drive performance-based coaching and eLearning. If you already deploy Verint Performance Management, you can immediately assign coaching and / or eLearning sessions, either manually or automatically, to address skill and knowledge gaps detected during evaluation. You can even attach scorecard KPIs, policies, and other relevant information to the sessions. As a single, unified application for employees and supervisors, Verint Quality Management can enable your staff to access recordings, flag interactions and evaluations, perform self-evaluations, and review coaching sessions assigned to them.


Verint Quality Management

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