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Verint Automated Quality Management AQM

Verint Automated Quality Management

What is Verint Automated Quality Management (AQM)?

Relying on a small percentage of calls to determine whether agents meet procedural and regulatory requirements is risky at best. With so many non-compliant interactions remaining hidden, there’s always the potential for hefty fines, sanctions, and other consequences. 

Instead of evaluating each call, which generally is listening to 10,000 calls, Verint Automated Quality Management (AQM) will do it for you. Verint’s Speech Analytics AI transcribes the pattern of specific keywords, speeding up quality management by 10 times faster; the AI will do the listening and screening part. The human is doing the final decision-making. And most importantly, Verint Speech Analytics AI works perfectly with Arabic amongst other languages, so truly, all your calls will be listened to. 

Generally, Organization screens only about 3% of conversations each day, then what about the other 97%? With Verint Automated Quality Managementyou can filter 100% of recorded interactions without the need for additional staff or other resources. It includes out-of-the-box quality management key performance indicators (KPIs), and as mentioned previously, it supports the Arabic language.

Verint Automated Quality Management (AQM) can enable you to focus on improving compliance and the quality of customer interactions—with targeted coaching and other measures to address agent proficiency, process adherence, and more.

Verint Automated Quality Management helps improve: 

  • Compliance — Reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties by ensuring agents provide required information and disclosures and follow mandatory scripts. 
  • Operational Effectiveness – Rapidly identify if process steps, or the tools used to administer them, are causing non-compliant interactions. 
  • Customer Satisfaction — Proactively identify interactions that require additional attention.
  • Employee Satisfaction — Assess performance consistently and objectively across interactions, and share results with employees, managers, and executives.
  • Cost-Effectiveness — Leverage rapid implementation and out-of-the-box capabilities for quick ROI and future business KPIs’ future expansion.

Variability is the enemy of compliance. But Verint Automated Quality Management is inherently objective and consistent. When it measures interactions against the rules you have set, it does so without variation, bias, or assumption, ensuring that every recording is scored against the exact same standards.

In this way, you will quickly gain a new level of insight into your organization’s standards of service and compliance. This helps you identify employees that need coaching to improve and reveal any procedural steps that cause compliance and/or quality issues.

Verint Automated Quality Management includes integrated scorecards. These are fed by automatic workflows that score interactions and report on the results. It will also trigger alerts, and present the results of coaching sessions

Now you can

  •  Avoid fines and other sanctions for non-compliant interactions you may have been unaware of.
  • Leverage AI to quickly and economically automate quality management for key performance indicators
  •  Autoscore up to 100 percent of recorded voice and text-based interactions, offering greater insight, objectivity, and consistency than sampling techniques used in traditional quality management. 
  • Reallocate quality resources from scoring evaluations to higher-value activities, such as coaching agents.

Once you have introduced Verint Automated Quality Management, you can create custom metrics, expanding its use to automate the evaluation of as many different questions as you choose. You can add forms over time and roll them out in phases, to help encourage adoption.

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