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We all as consumers know the amount of time usually consumed while ordering food.
We call our favorite restaurant/fast food chain, get to the IVR, choose a language, choose the option that will get us to talk to one of the agents, then wait.. The agent gets the call after wasting almost 2 mins on the phone. The agent starts confirming all your information (name,address,phone no..) another 2 mins wasted with all the line breaks and the double confirmations. Then you finally get to make your order, which is usually the same order you make. Then you get through confirming the order with all your preferences. So at last, ordering your simple meal will take approximately 8-10 mins. 

That on both sides, your organization cost and your customer experience is frustrating. 

We brought to you the ultimate solution that will save you cost and deliver the smartest experience to your customers.

Nun Text-to-Speech will enable you to automate most of your customers’ calls to deliver a seamless customer experience.


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Personalized greetings to your customer: Nūn can pronounce Arabic names just like a native speaker. Everybody loves hearing his or her own name. Addressing someone by name creates a trigger in that person’s brain that says, “I’m being spoken to on an individual level”. With Personalized conversations, customers can be greeted by name automatically.

Automated Address Confirmation: Customers will be able to automatically hear their address and confirm it with a click of a button before ordering their food. By automating this process you can make this  process uniform across all customer calls.

Repeat Your Last Order: Repeat Last Order is an automated service that reads out a customer’s last order and gives the customer the option to automatically select it. This option saves time for the customer and if selected fully automates the whole call.

Real Time Offers: Share offers and promotions with your customers instantly. Be it right before transferring a call to the agent or while customer waits in queue.

Nun text-to-Speech empowers you food & Beverage business and makes it stand out of all your competitors when it comes to delivering the best/fastest customer experience. 



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