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Genesys Multicloud CXJoin The Multicloud Revolution with Genesys; Your business is unique.

You have different objectives, strategies, tech requirements, and geographic needs. And you must meet specific security and compliance regulations. No matter which infrastructure model you need, how you want to operate your environment, or how you want to build your ecosystem, Genesys has the right Multicloud solution and services for you. 

Our Approach to Multicloud Brings You: 

1. Choice: Choose from private cloud, public cloud, or on-premises deployments across omnichannel, workforce engagement, and business intelligence capabilities. 

2. Control: Test freely and innovate at your own pace.

 3. Agility: Adapt quickly to market conditions and new competitors.

 4. Affordability: Automate operations, lighten your infrastructure, and use a fraction of the hardware.

 5. Flexibility: Migrate to the cloud in a dual environment, move between clouds or use multiple clouds.

What to consider when choosing a multicloud vendor?

Most enterprises choose to work with multiple cloud providers to gain a full spectrum of benefits, including easier application migration and better disaster recovery. According to Gartner, their decisions for selecting a multicloud vendor usually involve three key considerations. 

Sourcing: Organizations want to increase agility and avoid vendor lock-in, if possible. They might consider various factors, including availability, performance, data sovereignty, regulatory requirements, and labor costs. 

Architecture: Modern applications are usually more modular, so they can span multiple cloud providers or consume services from multiple clouds. 

Governance: Enterprises want to unify IT administration and monitoring to ensure operational control. This involves standardizing policies, procedures, and processes and sharing tools across multiple cloud providers, especially those that favor cost governance and optimization.

Build Your Own Contact Center Ecosystem:

You’ve determined which infrastructure model you need and who you want to operate and administer it. Now you can ask some additional questions to help you determine your path forward.

 1. What’s the size and complexity of your environment?

 2. What are your must-have capabilities or mission-critical features? 

3. Which systems and applications will you need to integrate? 

4. What’s your budget?

 5. What’s your timeline?

 6. Does an all-in-one product meet all your business requirements? 

8. Do you have the technical capabilities to handle some or all of the operation and administration yourself?

The Fully-Featured Genesys Multicloud CX Omnichannel Is The New Genesys Engage With A New Name, Yet Same Solution.

Genesys can run in public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure) as well as a private cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) or on-premise. In addition, deploying the hybrid model of Genesys Multicloud CX lets you expand your on-premises environment with innovations from the Genesys Cloud CX platform.

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