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Contact Center Technology Trends

Every year, Gartner identifies technology trends that are critical to business. This year, the list comprises a number of strategic contact center trends that will enable CEOs to deliver growth, digitalization, and efficiency — and position CIOs and IT executives as strategic partners in the organization.

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, customers across the industries are trying to cope with the impact caused by COVID-19. Customers need information about healthcare concerns, newly remote workers require tech assistance for staying connected, and investors are concerned about the performance of their portfolios. Hence, due to this pandemic situation, the contact center industry is experiencing an increase in the number of calls.

Cloud-Native Platforms 

Cloud-native platforms are technologies that allow you to build new application architectures that are resilient, elastic, and agile — enabling you to respond to rapid digital change. And here we recommend to you Genesys Cloud CX.

Genesys Cloud CX is offering is both an all-in-one public cloud solution and an innovative cloud development platform. The Genesys Cloud solution delivers the broadest and deepest set of CCaaS capabilities available using a single, all-in-one design to speed deployment, reduce complexity, simplify administration in Contact Centers, and more. The Genesys Cloud platform is designed to help you manage change in a secure, reliable, and scalable way for a better customer experience.

CCaaS stands for ‘’contact center as a service’’ and is defined by call center software that is hosted (or built natively) in the cloud instead of hosted on-premises. CCaaS providers maintain and develop the software (hence “as a service”), which allows call centers to focus on using the software to provide better customer experiences. The primary purpose of CCaaS software is intelligently routing contacts from all communication channels, sometimes referred to as “skills-based routing”.

Performance Management

As many organizations struggle with managing and improving employee performance in the areas of their enterprise that engage with customers. With a plethora of systems and data in their contact centers, back-office, and branch operations, it’s easy for managers to become inundated with data — although very little of it may be directly actionable. – Verint Performance Management provides a single, standardized framework for tracking, managing, and improving individual and team performance across the organization—from contact centers and branches to back-office operations.

Conversational Interactive Voice Response (CIVR)

Consumers are now expecting faster responses from companies. Less complicated route to answers. Conversational IVR is simpler and easier to navigate. It flattens the IVR tree making services effortlessly accessible. Nun Conversational IVR by IST differs from a traditional IVR in that it allows callers to interact with the menu in their own words, their own Arabic dialect, using voice commands in the way they prefer. This technology replaces push-button menus and empowers your customers to navigate through the IVR tree using only voice commands with artificial intelligence that understands human speech and routes calls accordingly—or even completes tasks without the need for a live agent.

Analytics and Reporting 

Most contact centers are familiar with recording and monitoring the quality of telephone interactions, data privacy regulations increasingly are requiring them to distinguish the types of information they can record from those they can’t. Centers need the ability to retrieve specific interactions quickly — and have insight into all agent desktop activities, including after-call work.

Verint’s Desktop Process Analytics (DPA) provides visibility into how employees use different systems, applications, and processes to perform their work. The cloud solution can help you identify opportunities to enhance compliance and the overall efficiency, cost, and quality of customer service.

By capitalizing on these Strategic Contact Center Technology Trends, you’re unleashing IT force multipliers that will win business and market share. Together, these trends enable you to maximize value creation and enhance digital capabilities.

Contact Center Technology trends

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