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Text to Speech

Do you design Intelligent Transportation Systems?

Have you ever wondered, what is the best reliable and cost saving solution for Transportation and Travel announcements?

Well, I would like to introduce you to Nun Text-to-Speech and how it can facilitate your transportation services.

Nun Text-to-speech is an AI solution that is smoothly blended static and dynamic speech. It’s relatable, human alike and expressive speech that will instantly transform text into engaging, lifelike voice content, in your customers’ languages.

Imagine having a dynamic human alike voice for your transportation services and announcing systems on your buses, bus stations, airplanes and airports.

Hiring a voice actor to record all your transportation destinations, emergency announcements, and even marketing messages is time-consuming and costly.

Nun text-to-speech create voices that are far more accurate and human sounding than other voices on the market. It’s multilingual and comprehensive pronunciation dictionaries.

Nun Text-to-speech can pronounce words, date formats, time, currencies, abbreviations, names and addresses smoothly. It can be embedded in whatever systems you have and read live and dynamically all your destinations instantly.  Our engine is in continuous improvements           

Below are some examples of how Nun TTS can optimize your transportation services:

On the bus current stop announcement and next destination + ETA:

Bus Station announcement and ETA:

New Transportation Application announcement:

Engine Damage announcement:

Flight Departure Last Call:

Flight delayed announcement:



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