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Technology is playing an important role in our daily life, where it changed our buying behaviour from visiting stores to buying from online websites or mobile apps. Some consumers will still visit the stores to get a feel of their product that they want to buy but they will still go online to compare prices, styles or colors. Consumers have no time to waste if they’re facing technical issues on your website, as they will just move to your competitors, for example: Can’t maneuver through colors of a chosen product, payment step is not submitting and many more. Abandoned shopping carts can be responsible for $1.79 trillion in lost sales for retailers annually.

The infograph below will help you understand how PureCloud, an all-in-one cloud contact center can help organizations around the world to overcome this issue. PureCloud is a powerful, innovative solution that connects all the organization’s channels (Facebook Messenger/Twitter DM/Line), with the agents in order to be live/online whenever one of the customers is facing a problem. This will of course convert frustrated customers to happy ones, increasing profits and loyal ones.



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