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Two pilots, working together and going through a long list of procedures to start-up an engine of a 180-186 seated Airbus plane, thats getting ready to departure to Dubai, UAE. How do they do it?

Whether it’s a piston engine or a turbine engine, the process is roughly the same as starting your car. The difference is that, pilots ensure that they have an ignition source (spark), then they get the engine spinning, but before introducing fuel, one of the pilots monitors the instruments (gauges) of the plane to ensure that the flow of air is not moving front to back the ignited gases, as it could flow in the wrong direction, with catastrophic results. That’s why pilots have to ensure that the engine is spinning at a certain minimum level and is getting the right air flow in the right direction.

Each pilot is working on a function and each function in the system has a role to start up these big engines.

What about PureCloud?

PureCloud, is different from planes, as they aren’t a monolithic system in which stability requires each component to function perfectly. It’s rather built on Microservices, where each function in your call center works independently. One Microservice might handle voicemail retrieval while another provides outbound campaigns and yet another routes incoming customer calls. They are very efficient that they could recover quickly if they fail — so fast, that you’ll never know an outage has occurred.

PureCloud & Netflix

Both, PureCloud and Netflix are almost the same (built on Microservies), except that one is for contact centers and the other is for customers watching movies, series and documentaries. In Netflix, you could be watching a movie and at the same time a new movies is being uploaded, with no interruption. The same is with PureCloud, updates can happen at the same time, while your agents are handling customer interactions. PureCloud has many features but the main ones are:

On-demand scaling:

Microservices can scale up or down to match current demand. Which means that if one needs to send a million messages it won’t affect the functionality of the other Microservices, nor will it delay your system. Regardless, of how big or small your organization is, it meets your company’s needs

Meeting Business Needs

A flexible platform that adjusts according to your business. If you have a slow season our platform can shrink to help you save costs. Genesys can update PureCloud on a continuous basis—fixing bugs almost instantly and adding new features fast. The independence of Microservices enables Genesys to administer bug fixes without those fixes disrupting another service. Additionally, Genesys can create Microservices for new functionality, such as web co-browsing, without affecting other services. There’s no need to take down the platform to administer these updates.


Interested in Microservices? Contact IST for more information.

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