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We are lucky with this prediction from Genesys, as not only we have what Mohamed Afifi (Managing Director – Middle East, Genesys) share with us his prediction on CX for the Middle East Region in specific, we also have the chance to share a thrilling keynote delivered by Genesys on their latest innovations, on how that ties in the next trends.

First let’s hear from Mohamed Afifi, below on his and Genesys’s customer engagement prediction for the Middle EastGenesys's Customer Engagement

  1. 2019 will be a turning point for Cloud CX. We have seen very high adoption numbers with a record number of customers moving to Cloud in the Middle East. Today, over 25% of our business is in the Cloud compared with zero 2 years ago. Cloud is by far the fastest growing sector for us.
  2. Digital Transformation Projects are getting bigger with more and more customers investing heavily. We are happy to contribute to the heart of many organizations as Digital Transformation projects are prioritized higher than ever before.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are becoming accepted technologies with great strides taken in performance and customer acceptance. We are starting to see a few implementations of Chat Bots and Voice Bots which are delivering great value to end customers and this will continue to grow in the coming years as adoption increases.

As earlier mentioned we also have the privilege to share this keynote delivered by Fernando Egea, Vice President, Strategic Solution, Genesys, on moments connected and Genesys latest innovation within the CX Space, including but not limited to Asynchronous messaging, Chat-bots, blended AI, Agent Assist, Predictive routing and one of my personal favourite acquisitions that Genesys’s customer engagement has done this year, AltoCloud, which augments your customer relationships through predictive analytics and learns how to drive more intelligent customer engagement automatically. Genesys Altocloud combines artificial intelligence with data from multiple sources to predict the likelihood that a customer will achieve a specific milestone within their journey.

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