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Customer experience has become a key differentiator in most organizations, and as the years go by its becoming more and more important to deliver a powerful and seamless customer journey. Understanding how to support your agents with tool such as PureCloud can significantly benefit your organisation.

73% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing that a company can do to provide them with good service. And the key to providing service on the customer’s schedule is a suite of omni-channel solutions that cater to preference, convenience, and reduced effort—all to build essential loyalty and retention.”


According to Forrester Research

What about CRMs?

Integrating your CRM system with an omni-channel contact center platform enables you to achieve true customer engagement. Agents are already equipped with all the tools they need in a single platform, to help serve the customers. This CRM integration will empower you to track interactions and add context to better understand your customers and meet their expectations.


CRM Integration example:

Agent Experience – Adam is an agent, working at an insurance company that has purecloud implemented and integrated with its CRM, So whenever a customer calls their information pops on his screen, with basic and customer interested history information, such as: name, address, previous calls, sent emails and much more.



CRM & Omni-channel:

PureCloud, is a cloud All-In-One omni-channel contact center, enables agents to interact with customers across channels. When integrated with the CRM, the agent would be able to see all the customer data and interactions across channels giving the agent a 360 view of the customer.


Let’s look at an example:

“David, a customer, faced some problems when booking online for his car’s service due date. He then called his company’s contact center for some assistance with his issue. Tamara is an agent, whose on queue where she received the interaction (David’s call), screen popped-up automatically with all the historical or contextual pin points that Hussein has passed through in order to book a day for his car. Of course, this issue was resolved in a matter of minutes, changing a confused or frustrated customer to a happy one.”

CRM solutions don’t only help in storing all kinds of data, but they can work with the ACD of your contact center in order to show the related data to the agent that has received a task according to his skills, language and more.

Without the need to read all the data that is unrelated to his set of skills – Agents in the operations department will only see the customer’s historical and real-time data according to this areas as they will not need to see other data related to sales, complaints or any other departments. It’s a waste of time for the agents. This empowers agents to anticipate customer needs, meet expectations and control the outcome, which helps in getting customer issues resolved faster and faster, building more loyal and satisfied customers.


“When CRM is integrated with all other enterprise systems, this provides organizations the data needed to tailor customer conversations—and ensure their consistency,”


According to the Aberdeen Group report

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