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How To Automate Instagram Interactions For Genesys Contact Centers

instagram interactions with genesys contact center

Instagram is considered one of the most used social media platforms worldwide due to the engaging nature of image and video content that gets published on the app. 

There are around 200 million Instagram business accounts that people visit every day, which guarantees a vast number of interactions with users. With this amount of interactions comes a challenge for agents to respond to users without losing track of providing a personalized experience in real-time.

Automating your Instagram interactions with your customers can be the best solution for this challenge; using IST’s Social Data Router (SDR) will allow your Genesys contact center agents to engage with customers across Instagram through a single router.

SDR will route all your social engagements from Instagram to your Contact Center agents that won’t face any difficulty as the agents are using the same Genesys Contact center desktop as before.

SDR is designed to leverage the capabilities of Genesys contact center through prioritizing customers and spotting the agent capacity to control the feed of customer interactions efficiently.

How SDR can leverage your Genesys Contact Center features:

  • Agent Routing: Routing images, comments, replies to the agent to take action.
  • Agent desktop integration: Ability to see the interactions within the Genesys Workspace, providing a unified agent desktop view.
  • Integrated Reporting: Fully integrated reporting covering all interactions reports (Summary interactions report, Detailed Interactions report, Agent Activities report) 
  • Routing: Integrated with Genesys routing engine covering all the functions of Capacity routing and priority routing depending on which platform 
  • Universal Queue: Manage Social channels as part of the universal queue of Genesys with all capabilities (Ready, Not Ready, Log off) 
  • OmniChannel: Integrated with Genesys to show historical customer interactions to provide an omnichannel experience 
  • Multi-Account: Ability to manage multiple social media accounts your organization has.
  • Social Platforms: Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn (new platforms can be added) 
  • Reporting: Ability to see Media Insights and Comments Insights summary reports, and detailed reports

Here is a glimpse of how Genesys contact center agents can automate Instagram interactions through SDR:

1-Agent logs in to Genesys Desktop Workspace:

Agent logs in to Genesys Desktop Workspace

2- Agent changes the status to “Ready” on the Instagram channel:

Agent changes the status to “Ready” on the Instagram channel

3- Agent receives the notification that includes: the username, the author of the comment, and the channel logo:

Agent receives the notification that includes: the username, the author of the comment and the channel logo:

4- Case Information view:

Case Information view:

5- Add Reply to a routed comment:

By capturing customer social engagement across many platforms, you will capture a broader and more diverse customer base of data, allowing you to react effectively and proactively with the market intelligence captured.

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