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Nun Arabic TTS

An existing fact once stated as a prediction that it’s estimated that humans will still be required in 1 out of 3 customer service interactions in 2017 (Gartner), no doubt AI and CX are intrinsically related, a prediction stated that “By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human” – Gartner that is where Nūn Arabic TTS comes in.

According to recent research, more than $300 billion is spent annually on call centers around the world. (Polyna Khudyakov), that being said fifty-two percent of marketers with CX responsibilities expect their budgets to remain the same or decrease in 2018 – according to Gartner.

So basically while the demand for a better CX, the budget is still an essential factor in making this happen. Nūn Arabic TTS reduces the call-time of inbound and outbound of a call center by 50%, thanks to the real-time dynamic data that is based on the latest AI and NLP technologies.  

Shifting costs to a flexible model: 79 percent of call centers pay agents on an hourly or salaried basis, as opposed to a per-minute rate based on actual talk time. As a result, 4 in 5 agents are paid regardless of whether they are helping customers.

Imagine fulfilling all the self-service you provide to your clients by automating your IVRs that will both enhance your CX and significantly reduce the operational costs by reducing the call time

Here are some features that Nūn Arabic TTS optimizes, for both customer experience and reduce operational costs:

  1. Predictive Personalization  
    Adding meaning and value to the conversation, by reading out names of objects, places, and individuals make the conversation easier for the customer to understand.
  2. Real Time Information
    Share any updates, news or company information with customers in real time. This opens up a channel where up to the minute information can reach customers instantaneously.
  3. Dialect Localization
    Gulf Arabic Male voice available. This will give organizations residing in the Gulf Areas an authentic local voice.
  4. Faster Time to Market
    Recording speech with voice talent usually takes 1-2 weeks. However, by immediately synthesizing text into speech, products and/or services can be delivered over the IVR in a shorter time.
  5. Language Support
    Accurate Arabic and English TTS turn traditional IVR dialog into a more natural and engaging conversation, sounding very human-like.

In the following soundtracks, you will hear a simulation of some features for the banking services through IVR. Play the soundtrack below.

Watch more Nūn TTS IVR Simulations on our youtube channel here



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