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We all know that call centers are the frontline of any organization. Thus, in theory, an excellent call center = an excellent customer experience. Let us see how Nūn Arabic TTS helps improves the customer experience for the banking industry. 

Banking and Text-to-Speech

Banks, in particular, are one of the top industries that rely on call center to deliver services and process customer inquiries from banking transactions to telemarketing purposes, facing a lot of challenges delivering the clients services on time are essential for a great customer experience, AI, digitization and NLP offered text to speech engine which is definitely great additions in making this happen.

In the following infographic, +we will see how Nūn live Arabic TTS is tailored & the 9 practices crafted specifically for banking

Nūn Arabic Text-to-speech Infographic

I remember my first banking experience, I was in the airport just 5 minutes prior to boarding, and I had to check if my salary amount has been transferred to my account and to review my past 3 transactions, to get my account ready for my business trip. This call might took me around 10 minutes to be done wasting both time and effort.

While with Nūn Arabic TTS this call would take around 2 minutes. Thanks to the Nūn AI dynamic engine that pronounce names, numbers, and dates in a human-sounding personalized experience. Saving valuable time for your customer and providing them with an outstanding customer experience

In the following video will showcase some of the features mentioned in the infographic.

In IST our main objective is delivering exquisite customer experience solutions. Our linguists and data scientists are using advanced AI, machine learning and NLP techniques. Taking around 60 years of man hours in crafting Nūn TTS to be natively Arabic speaking human-sounding text to speech engine.


Listen to Nūn now!

Arabic Text to speech

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