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Arabic TTTS

Health Care industry now faces a lot of challenges in which affects both the profitability and the patients’ experience.

A recent study by Daniel fell shows that 84% of patients keep their appointments when reminded. Readmissions are reduced by up to 25% when discharge follow-up information is communicated effectively.

Nūn Arabic TTS can further optimize the health industry by enabling the health care call center & apps and portable health devices synthetic voices that are so human-sounding.

Here are the 6 ways Nun text-to-speech engine  optimize the digital healthcare industry

Nūn Arabic TTS Health Care Inforgraph explaining the features of the text to speech engine features

Here is  Nūn TTS live simulation call tackling some of the features in the infographic

The path to digitizing the healthcare industry

The health industry now is experiencing a digital revolution. The quicker the industry adopt e-health solution the quicker it could significantly decrease its costs and improve the patients’ experience. Stephen F. Deangelis of Enterra Solutions stated that “Despite such reluctance, the bottom line is that patient monitoring could dramatically improve healthcare and decrease costs.

Nūn Arabic TTS Combines Natural language processing, AI and machine learning. The engine is focused on the health-care industry to efficiently understand your patients’ data (name, number, address, medical history)  interacting with them in an Arabic focused human-sounding engine with the support of more than 20 languages.

Here are the three main benefits of digitizing your patient experience

1.Reduced operational costs

  • Call duration can be decreased by 50% resulting in a significant decrease in the call duration cost & a better customer experience.

2.Enhance patients’ experience

  • With the Nun AI, engine efficiently understands your patients’ providing and optimizing the overall patients’ interactivity and engagement

3.Ready all around the clock

  • Appointments and services run 24/7 eliminating the limitations of regular human shifts.

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Arabic Text to speech

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