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Customer experience

We need to understand what the analysts are saying. We need to understand how the market trends are going today. According to the 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmark report based on the feedback from Board-level executives, Customer Experience (CX) is the top indicator of strategic performance. As you can see in the graph below, Customer experience (CX) is the top indicator for strategic performance. CX exceeds the importance of financial performance and brand strength, or even cyber security threat protection.

2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmark report based on the feedback from Board-level executives

                                                        2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmark report

2019/20 during the Covid crisis everything changed not only how the businesses do work or do with their customers, it changed our normal day to day routines. We need to stay relevant in this ever changing environment. We need to adapt and be agile to cope with these vast business environment changes. 

In order to do that, you have to lead with a strategy. A strategy that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to go. It will also enable and assure you that if a pandemic occurs, you are still going to be able to strike a balance and deliver the experience you promised your customers. You need to understand your customers. What’s the demographics of your customers? Are they young? What gender? What types of channels are they going to interact and engage with? You need to also provide a personalized experience to your customers. So, when the customer engages with your contact center and he makes a call to the IVR, the IVR shall identify your customer. If he is chatting through your webchat, it shall also identify your customer by the name.

Giving your customer a true Omnichannel experience

There is a huge difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel.

Multichannel you can have voice from one vendor, whatsapp from another vendor and you can have social and digital from other vendors. This way you are giving your customer options, but what you are doing is increasing the complexity of your customer experience. You are creating disconnected journeys for your customers. And that leads to frustration and that impacts your customer experience overall. 

Adding to that; automation, conversational AI, chatbot, self services, all these channels you provide to your customers are very crucial to remain at the head of the game to provide  experience as a service.

More importantly, optimizing your performance internally within your organization, within your agents. Making sure they are up-to skill level with the necessary information they need in order to serve your customers the best ways possible. 


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