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Using voice commands has become pretty common nowadays, as more mobile phone users use voice assistants such as Siri and Cortana. These systems are built with Text-to-Speech and speech recognition software that allows their users to issue voice commands. Now, your Chatbot will become familiar with Nun TTS API and Nuance ASR, which allows users to integrate voice data in chatbots.

We all know that chatbots are AI’s answer to improved customer experience and cost saving. According to Forbes Insights, it shows that Chatbot improves customer experience by 80%. Chatbots are available in many user interfaces and input forms, and As Nun TTS API can speech enable any content and compatible with REST and SAPI integrations, having a responsive chatbot that personalizes your customer experience by addressing your customer by his name will definitely improve your customer satisfaction, sales and conversion rates.

We will show you 5 Benefits of Nun API of how a chatbot improves instead of using text input, we’ll use voice input and output. With Chatbots AI to control the conversation dialog, and Nun TTS API natural language processing and Nuance Speech to Text solution to handle the speech recognition and playback.



Artificial Intelligence and meaningful technologies such as Nun Text to Speech API can change lives, and making it easy and accessible for individuals and organizations to grow.



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