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Achieving Agility in The Work Environment Supported by Highly Recommended Technologies

Remote Work - Agility


Remote work has immensely increased in popularity over the last several years. However, it was once an unsupported idea, it’s now seen as a viable alternative to office-based models of work that are becoming outdated. Predictions and Analysis show that the growth of remote work is likely to continue with the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerating these changes and in some cases becoming permanent. 

Remote work isn’t a foreign concept for contact centers. According to a study by Nemertes Research, 59% of contact centers around the world allow at least some of their staff to work from a home pre-COVID-19. That figure increased to 74.1% as Covid-19 lockdowns forced companies to close offices. More companies have now transitioned into virtual contact centers. Once authorities lift the COVID-19  restrictions, 70.7% of businesses are likely to allow agents to continue to work from home (WFH) in some capacity.

In one of IST’s latest live webinars hosting the Consulting  Leader and CX Expert, Khaled Ramadan, he said “Companies who were flexible AGILE were able to survive and excel. Some industries did more business during COVID than they ever did before. Companies who were stubborn and insisted on doing things the same way were badly hurt.”.

Here in this blog article, we will walk you through the two highly recommended technologies and applications that will ease the way for you and your employees to seamlessly deliver even when working remotely. Implementing these technologies by the end of the day will get you a more satisfied customer and enhanced CX.

Performance Management by Verint

Performance Management is part of a suite of workforce optimization solutions from Verint Systems. This patent-protected suite helps businesses automate a lot of traditional processes such as capture and analyze customer interactions, improve internal processes and workforce performance, uncover business trends and competitive advantages, and discover the root causes of customer and remote employee behavior.

Performance Management is your arm to gain visibility into employee performance and productivity. With Performance Management you will easily be  able to:

  • Capture and aggregate data across multiple systems while providing a single, standardized framework for efficiently tracking, managing, and improving individual, team, and organizational performance. 
  • The solution provides Scorecards, Coaching, and eLearning capabilities that can work together synergistically, helping your organization implement a continuous process for performance management across the areas of the business that impact the customer experience. 
  • Consolidates data from disparate systems into actionable, predefined, and custom key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  •  Provides managers with visibility into the KPI scores of employees, teams, departments, and sites, and enables them to drill down to relevant interactions and screens to understand the reasons behind performance scores 
  •  Enables managers to track and deliver performance-based coaching and eLearning, on-demand, to help enhance employee knowledge and skills

Your second arm shall be Desktop Process Analytics by Verint

How many times have we, as customers, had an agent apologize during a call because the “computer is slow today?” 

Desktop Process Analytics can pinpoint system problems such as error messages that impede call flow; screens hanging and causing delays in call completion, and slow page rendering that hinders efficient customer service. Desktop Process Analytics identifies these and similar issues before they become barriers to optimizing the customer experience.

Verint Desktop Process Analytics can capture employee desktop activity from different systems and applications, map specific processes, and measure the time to complete each request or transaction. 

  • Manage and improve the performance of individual employees by comparing their work processes to those of top performers (sequences of activities and duration of transactions) and assigning appropriate coaching and training.
  • Evaluate overall effectiveness by region, branch, team, or employee through summary reports and dashboards that use key performance indicators derived from the actual desktop activity. 
  • Reduce errors and rework time by using data to redesign processes and help reduce process variability.
  • Automate Actions And Alert Notifications:
    • Capture specific activities, such as the start/stop of a process or the input of a value in a field.
    • Tag records with unique identifiers, such as a customer code.
    • Trigger an action, such as generating a pop-up reminder for an employee of a next step, or sending an alert to a manager of non-compliant behavior.

Embrace Agility in your work environment. Stay ahead of your competitors by implementing these cutting-edge technologies and drive your customers’ expectations towards the future.

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