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There is a lot that makes Forrester Wave Cloud Contact Center report unique, however from my personal standpoint is that it matches the speed of the cloud, by being released every quarter, rather than annually. Due to the nature of Cloud Contact Centers, you’d find new releases and features update every quarter, just last month, Genesys PureCloud released 3 new communication channels supporting Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message and Line.

Without further introductions, let’s get straight into the Forrester Wave Cloud Contact Centers, for Q3 2018

Genesys PureCloud

Genesys has been named as a leader in the wave for its PureCloud offering. Forrester has done an in-depth of analysis of all the cloud contact centres on based on a number of criteria:

  • Current Offering
    • Product Offering
    • OmniChannel Capabilities
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • User Interface
    • Infrastructure
    • CRM Integration
  • Strategy
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Customer Success
    • Third-Party Ecosystem
  • Market Presence

Genesys’s PureCloud has scored highly on all the criteria, while specifically being recognized and top scoring for its product offering, omnichannel capabilities, infrastructure,  and CRM integrations. To get the full Forrester report & see the full scoring please click here .

One of the things that really caught my attention in the report was in the introduction, where it claims, cloud contact centers are now a reality, or in their own words “Old News”. That real new battlefield when it comes to the cloud contact centers is

  1. offering a scalable omnichannel where its easy and scalable to add new channels, as seen with PureCloud last month, with its release of 3 new communication channels,
  2. Integrated Workforce Optimization, the leaders in Forresters Wave are offering WFO integrated within their cloud contact center offering, and this is true in the case of PureCloud, which not only comes with its own full-fledged cloud WFO solution offering, scheduling, forecasting and more but also offers the ability to integrate with your own WFO platforms . 
  3. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the future of cloud contact center is in the investment of vendors in their AI technologies. Genesys has been heavily investing into AI,  the most notable is its latest acquisition of AltoCloud, where we personally at IST cannot wait enough to see the integration of AltoCloud with PureCloud

To read the Forrester Cloud Contact Center wave report, please click here

To learn how IST can help you in implementing, enhancing and supporting your CX strategies please contact us here

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