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Social Media SDR
During the current crisis, an increasing number of organizations strengthened their digital platform for better customer interaction, enabling a means to better assist their customers through personalized responses and prompt resolutions to their queries, complaints, and feedback.

Eliminating all your customers’ frustration by interacting with all your customer’s interactions on all channels from one unified agent desktop in a timely manner, and view their historical footprint and understand their past and present behaviors, businesses can take findings and map a future relationship.

What is the secret ingredient?

Social Data Router (SDR) – the social media connector that allows your contact center agents to engage with customers across different Social Media platforms through a single router. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are all supported by SDR.

Building relations with customers via social media and the way these channels are managed is an essential element of organizational success. Social Media can positively influence sales and enhance customer satisfaction. According to Brand Watch, of the 7.7 billion people alive today, 3.397 billion use social media.

Why is SDR very easy to integrate and benefit from?

Designed for Genesys and CiscoSDR allows you to leverage the powerful features within Genesys and Cisco contact centers and apply them to your social media channels.

SDR connector provides performance reports that can be consumed by your reporting engine, displayed easily, and provides you with actionable insights.

Routes all the social engagements of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and WhatsApp, Telegram

Social Data Router will help you in generating buzz, as customers with positive social contact center experiences are more likely to recommend the brand, word of mouth remains one of the best advertising methods available.

SDR is constantly updated to support the latest social media trends and platforms of today and tomorrow.

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