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NŪN ن TTS in optimizing the special needs experience

A recent report states that nearly 15% of the world’s population has some form of disability, as per the latest report from the World Health Organization, this constitutes to approximately 1 billion people. It is inevitable to disregard individuals with disabilities and that we should always include them in or CX efforts. Definitely, Nun TTS will help those who have difficulty with visual impairment, dyslexia, and learning disabilities.

NŪN TTS in empowering special needs education

Text To Speech Technology has found its way to students to overcome their disabilities. that will optimize their learning capabilities with Nun TTS various educational assistive tools.

Nun TTS accommodate students who struggle with reading and those with speech-language disorders.

NŪN ن TTS Editor is a cloud software that works by converting text into speech, thereby allowing students with disabilities listening to audiobooks.

Helping learners affected by dyslexia, blindness, or other visually impairing conditions.

The full-featured software program is armed with abilities that can help students in other areas of the Arabic language as it auto discretize the Arabic text input.

Here are some other features of NŪN ن TTS editor

  • Handling the most common Arabic writing mistakes
  • Support of 18 languages with over than 40 TTS voice with multiple dialects  
  • Speech following: Emphasis on each word being spoken
  • User Customized dictionary

NŪN ن TTS API speech-enables any software or application by converting the educational text into playable content for the students to listen to with a synthesized voice that’s both human sounding and fluent.

Here is an example of a speech-enabled application

NŪN ن TTS in speech enabling software and applications

Nun API TTS  helps individuals who have difficulties reading standard text Nūn is carefully built with assistive technologies.Integrates easily with websites, software, application and designed especially for the disabled to both listen and interact with their brand.

Here is an example of how Nūn supports applications to accommodate disabled individuals

 Watch Video here

Watch more Nūn TTS Simulations on our youtube channel here      

                                                                                                                                      Arabic Text to speech 

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